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Green Post is an area of ShareGreen that allows us to share interesting and innovative sustainable businesses ideas from around the world.


Making a Better Business Case for Going Green

March, 28 2015

Business executives might be more inclined to go green if they could communicate a shared set of sustainability metrics like sustainability-advantaged growth and the productivity it drives, says one sustainability expert.

Canadian Forestry Cleans Up Environmental Act

March, 23 2015

The Canadian forest products industry is making significant progress in reducing its environmental footprint. Since 1990, Canadian mills have reduced their greenhouse gases by 70 per cent, air pollutants are down by 52 per cent and water pollutants have been reduced by 70 per cent since 2005.

Cleantech company shows profits

March, 20 2015

The North American company SolarEdge is gaining attention worldwide for its ability to provide a cleantech product that optimizes the performance of solar panels and show a profit doing just that.

Nominations underway for Canada’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25

March, 09 2015

From now until March 20, voters can post their ballots for the annual award Canada’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.  Nominees need to be 25 or younger and working to create environmental change.