Notable Student Submissions

There were many other notable submissions from the 2012 Green Student Challenge.

Take a look and get inspired:

Ilina Frankiv
University of Western Ontario
Logistics Fleet Improvement

Minor aerodynamic adjustments to truck fleets can translate into significant financial savings and environment benefit.

Download: Ilina_Frankiv_University_of_Western_Ontario.pdf

Jean-Olivier Lambert
University of Ottawa
Green Supplier Incentive Program

As suppliers begin to improve their green business practices, they would be rewarded by distributors with opportunities for increased product visibility, and access to marketing tools.

Download:  Jean-Olivier_Lambert_Univerity_of_Ottawa.pdf

Erin Saucier
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Walmart Shuttle

A shuttle running between mass transit hubs and store locations to increase store traffic and reduce customer’s use of vehicles.

Download: Erin_Saucier_Kwantlen_Polytechnic_University.pdf

Megan Kinsella & Team
Receipt App for Smartphones

A product that will wirelessly receive receipts at the time of transaction, reducing the use of receipt paper.

Download:  Megan_Kinsella_Saint_Francis_Xavier_University.pdf

Prateek Sodhi
Humber College
Databar code to reduce food waste

A unique barcode to ensure minimal food waste occurs.

Download:  Prateek_Sodhi_Humber_College.pdf

Sarah Burton
Keyin College
New Merchandise Tampering Policies

Development of new policies to reduce product tampering.

Download:  Sarah_Burton_Keyin_College.pdf

Franco Chingcuanco
University of Toronto
Eco-Friendly Shipping

Eco-friendly shipping options are made available to consumers, relaxing time constraints imposed on shippers and carriers, allowing them to choose more efficient operations decisions.

Download: Franco_Chingcuanco_University_of_Toronto.pdf

Min Kyu Kim & Team
University of Toronto
Truck-Pool & Retail Pick-up

Consolidate delivery of online purchases to single retail pick-up location.

Supporting video:

Download: Min_Kyu_Kim_University_of_Toronto.pdf

Aravind Kumar & Team
York University
POS Software to email receipts

Customers can choose how they would like their receipt – hardcopy or email – with no need for an app, as the POS equipment can send it instantly.

Download: Aravind_Kumar_York_University.pdf

Michael Chienn Wang & Team
Seneca College
Blue Citizen

Blue Citizen is the world’s first sustainability social application.

Supporting videos:

Download: Michael_Chienn_Wang_Seneca_College.pdf

Wesley Taylor
University of Guelph
Disassembly Plant Business Plan

Develop a global system of disassembly plants which take apart products then sell the parts
and materials

Download: Wesley_Taylor_University_of_Guelph.pdf

Ben Wong & Team
University of Alberta
Greenscape – A Social Enterprise

Greenscape is expected to change the traditional lawn and garden services industry through a synergy of environmental, social and local economic sustainability measures.

Download: Ben_Wong_University_of_Alberta.pdf

Jordyn Fitzgerald
University of Western Ontario
A New Way of Shopping

Retailers allow customers to ‘pre-order’ goods to be picked-up at a set time and on a set interval.

Download: Jordyn_Fitzgerald_University_of_Western_Ontario.pdf

Anish Bhutani
University of Waterloo

X10 asks companies to encourage all employees, no matter how high or low they are on the company ladder, to look for ways to cut down on what they use by 10%.

Download:  Anish_Bhutani_University_of_Waterloo.pdf

Stephen Phoon & Team
Seneca College
Oscar – Where Nothing is Wasted

Oscar is an internet-enabled solution that connects stakeholders and parties interested in waste, generates dialogue regarding waste solutions, discover opportunities within the various waste-streams, and provide a platform for waste exchange.

Download:  Stephen_Phoon_Seneca_College.pdf


Theodora Stoina
Université Laval

SmartWIRE proposes a smart circuit breaker that cuts the voltage in the wires

Download:  Theodora_Stoina_University_Laval.pdf

Kazm Rizvi & Team
York University
Green Capital

Green Capital offers an investment medium with long term sustainable benefits for businesses as well as healthy returns on a consistent basis. Supporting video:

Download: Kazim_Rizvi_York_University.pdf

Jennifer Locke & Team

eCO-OP will work towards helping Canadian business develop and implement projects that provide a return on investment, marketing benefits, and reduce Canada’s environmental footprint.

Download:  Jennifer_Locke_University_of_Saskatchewan.pdf

Emily Dietrich
University of Alberta
Standard Recycle Station Signs

National standardized labels for recycling bins.

Download: Emily_Dietrich_University_of_Alberta.pdf

Jerad Furze
University of Western Ontario
Product Profile Coalition

Product Profile will easily and accurately convey the sustainable practices of the manufacturer to the consumer.

Download: Jerad_Furze_University_of_Western_Ontario.pdf